Let’s Get Inspired!

I started my diving journey when I returned to Singapore in late June after my 4 years of college in USA, inspired by my snorkeling adventures that started way earlier. I always loved going on snorkeling tours – sitting on the boat filled with anticipation of the upcoming wonders I would get to see, finally getting to jump into the inviting clear blue waters and observe the marine biodiversity, coming up all satisfied and hungry only to be met with refreshing drinks and yummy food – these are all experiences I love and crave. To top it off, the trips end with a relaxing ride back to the dock with the sun shining down on my face, wind blowing through my hair and the sea spray splashing up to bathe me in its cool waters, as though it were a gentle reminder that though my tour has ended, my journey has not and that I would once again, be back soon.


This feeling of pure joy and peace stays with me whenever I think about going out to the sea again, and has driven me to seek out diving.

After a failed attempt at starting my PADI Open Water Diver certification course in Hawaii (they cancelled on me and I couldn’t find a substitute that had space for me T.T), I was filled with excitement to finally be able to learn diving. My first experience breathing underwater in the pool session was exhilarating and made me all the more enthusiastic about my upcoming open water dive trip. A few dives later, swimming among the corals and marine life, I was undoubtedly hooked. Diving was all that I wished for, and more! Humans were not built to survive underwater, but now that diving has made it possible, we can now be introduced to a whole new world.

Even though the visibility wasn’t that great during my dives, the trip awakened in me a burning passion for diving. I am now convinced that I want to get my Divemaster certification, and that my future travel dreams would all involve diving in the beautiful, world class locations around Southeast Asia. Hopefully one day, I would also get to explore and work my way through the dive sites in the other parts of the world as well 🙂

I assume that visiting my site is an indication that you are interested in diving or being around (and in!) the sea too, and I hope sharing my experience would let you know more about this incredible and life changing journey. Do check out my posts on my OWD and AOWD if you’re interested in getting certified too!

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