A Weekend Getaway to White Sands Island (Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia)

More than a month after my trip to Tioman for my Advanced Open Water Diver certification, I was itching to go on a vacation again. Luckily, I had a weekend getaway planned at White Sands Island, Tanjung Pinang!

Getting There

We woke up bright and early on a Saturday morning to catch the 9.15am ferry. Boarding the ferry at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, we arrived at Tanjung Pinang after a ~2 hour ride.


Aboard the Wavemaster
tanjung pinang ferry terminal.jpg
Arrival at Tanjung Pinang Ferry Terminal

Once there, we were met by the friendly staff from White Sands Island. They picked us up at the ferry terminal and brought us on a 40 min car ride to the jetty. A small boat then took us across to the island, just about 10 minutes away.

To the boat we go
And we are here!

Exploring The Island

The first thing we did was to check in!

My cottage for the night~

The island resort had a very “immersed in nature” and “back to basics” kind of feel, which was super cute and quaint. There was a really laid back and chill atmosphere.



There were also many pretty and romantic-looking structures for photo ops ❤

white sands photo op.jpg

heart photo op.jpg


swing photo op.jpg

After chilling around on the beach for a while I ventured into the sea to snorkel (brought my dive mask snorkel and fins along for this).

snorkel site.jpg

This is officially my favorite fish because whenever I would dive down to get a closer look, it would swim up away from its anemone to say hi to me ^_^

Turtle Release

We were fortunate enough to visit during the turtle hatching season!! The owners are working with Banyan Tree Turtle Conservation to help protect the turtle eggs and hatchlings. More on that in my post on turtle conservation at White Sands Island.

turtle in bowl.jpg

Not only did I get to see cute baby turtles for the first time in my life, I got the chance to help release them at the beach too! We put them in bowls to avoid contact with human skin so as to not interfere with their natural processes.

Time for the release
Baby turtles on the beach

It took a while but they finally made it to the water.

baby turtles in sea.jpg

And Then There Was Nightfall


It got dark pretty early, and so it was time for our BBQ dinner, followed by some chill and drinking bonding session with my friends.

The Next Day

The morning after, we slept in and hung around on the beach until about 2pm, where we had to say goodbye to this gorgeous island and start on our journey home. But before that, to complete our relaxing weekend, we stopped by at Bintan Paradise Spa for a luxurious massage!

bintan paradise spa.jpg

After the massage it was time to leave Tanjung Pinang, and with a slightly heavy heart, we boarded the 5.30pm ferry back to Singapore.

All in all, it was a fun and eye-opening weekend and I can’t wait to return some day 🙂


Approximate Cost (SGD)

70 taxes and car transfer and ferry

40 accommodation

30 food and drinks

32 massage

Total: SGD 172



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