How to Install Spring Straps on Jet Fins

Recently, I purchased a secondhand pair of USA made Scubapro jet fins as my first pair of fins because the price was a steal for something that would possibly last me a lifetime of diving. However, the buckles were not in the best condition.

old jet fin buckle.jpg

I didn’t mind it though, because I had already decided to switch out the straps for spring straps, which make putting on and taking off the fins much quicker and more convenient as I could just pull the fins on or off. The rubber straps that came with the fins were, in contrast, hard to adjust and not as elastic.

I took me 2 weeks or so to get around to it. I had to purchase the spring straps first, and I was worried that I would have difficulty switching out the straps. After toying with the idea of getting a dive shop to replace it for me for a fee, I decided to just try it out on my own. It turned out to be pretty straightforward, so if you are thinking of switching out your fin straps, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to!

Step 1:

Pry out one side of the pin by inserting a flat-headed screwdriver into the space between the buckle and the rubber, twisting it until the pin pops off.

Alternatively, pull it out using a pair of pliers. You might have to jerk the pliers around a bit and try it out from different directions until it comes off.

The pin should pop off after some work on it.

pin pops off.jpg

Step 2:

Yank on the buckle and twist it around while pulling until the other side pops off as well. This part should be easier and requires less strength than step 1.

pull off both sides.jpg

Step 3:

Remove the buckle and slide out the pin, then repeat on the other side of the fins.

straps off.jpg

Step 4:

Get ready your spring straps. There is no need to pull the pins apart, the rubber is flexible and the pins should already be spaced such that they can be inserted in.

You can see from the photo that the round part of the straps fit into the rounded portion of the fins. Do not put it in that way as it will be harder to force the pins into the hole. Rather, follow the orientation as shown. You shouldn’t have to apply much force for the pins to go in.

pin style jet fin spring strap.jpg

Step 5:

Once the pins are in, grab something to clamp the pins together. Some people might be able to do it with their bare hands, but I’m too weak for that..Anyway, this is another easy step.

clamp pins together.jpg

Step 6:

When the pins are tight and would not fall out, pull on the strap such that the cylindrical part of the strap lies in the rounded recess of the fins.


Step 7:

Repeat on all sides of your fins..

Then admire the finished product!

jet fins spring straps installed.jpg

That’s All!

Now your fins are all ready to be used. Hope this guide was useful  🙂


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