10 Things to Bring on Every Beach Vacation

I love going on beach vacations, and I’ve been on quite a few. Yet every time I go, I manage to forget to pack something that I later realized I needed. I end up having to go to a shop there or just having to deal without it 😦 So here’s a handy little list for you!


The important things to bring for your next trip to the beach:

1. Tote Bag


First we start off with a bag for you to put in everything you need to bring to the beach. Free up your hands and avoid dropping all the stuff you have!

2. Sunscreen


Definitely a no-brainer. I tend to bring sunscreen that is at least 50 SPF so I can stay out in the sun for a long time without getting burnt. A little tip, remember to put sunscreen on your feet. I got burned once walking around in flip flops because I didn’t think of it.

3. SPF Lip Balm


Another easy place to forget to protect from the sun are your lips. Lips get burned too and I know that from experience! Now I make sure I bring my handy little tube of lip balm that not only moisturizes my lips, but also protects them from the sun. You could also get lip glosses or lipsticks with SPF protection.

4. Polarized Sunglasses


UV blocking sunglasses are a must to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Make sure to avoid dark tints without UV protection because they make your pupils dilate and let in more UV light, damaging your eyes even further. Polarized sunglasses are my personal favorite because they reduce glare. They really do make the sea look that much more blue and beautiful!

5. Cover Up


Convenient to throw on. Quick to dry. Useful for looking pretty in photos. I love the whole beachy chill look and especially the light long dresses that would fly in the breeze.

6. Swimsuit


This will probably be on everyone’s list already. If you plan on getting wet at all, bring one or more sets. I usually bring 2 bikini sets on longer trips so I can mix and match them too. Also a wet swimsuit is uncomfortable to wear so if you have 2 there’s always a dry one.

7. Water Bottle/Drink


You’ll definitely get thirsty after a while under the hot sun. Bringing along a water bottle or a cold drink is convenient so you won’t have to leave your spot and go look for drinks.

8. A Snack


Prepare some sandwiches and finger food, or just throw some fruit/packed goodies into your bag!

9. Beach Towel


Perfect for laying on the beach to enjoy the sun and sea breeze. Bring 2, one for laying on the sand/putting your stuff and the other as a pillow/to dry yourself after you get out of the water.

10. Flip Flops/ Slippers


Nothing’s more annoying than getting sand in shoes. Grab a simple waterproof pair so the sand can be washed off easily.

So here’s my list! What are other things you would suggest to bring to a beach vacation?


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